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For sports medicine in Kernersville, North Carolina, trust Physical Medicine of the Carolinas. That’s because at our clinic in Kernersville, sports medicine, is a major focus of Physical Medicine of the Carolinas, and the doctors have knowledge about the musculoskeletal system that makes them the perfect choice for all your sports medicine needs. Sports Medicine Care is extremely effective in promoting healing, so it is especially useful for athletes, particularly when used in conjunction with other non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies, including rehabilitation therapy. Sports medicine is a specialty that can not only help athletes recover from injury, but can also improve their performance. 

A non-invasive, drug-free, surgery-free physical medicine practice, chiropractic’s efficacy has been underscored by a large body of research. Because it is a natural, drug- free therapy, sports chiropractic works well for athletes, who need to remain free from medication and can’t afford the down time required by surgery. Our physical medicine specialists are trained to evaluate and treat athletes, and understand how to treat sports injuries effectively. Using chiropractic adjustment to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, promote better blood flow and posture, and decrease the risk of injury is helpful for athletes whether or not they’ve suffered an injury.

Sports medicine is beneficial for athletes involved in contact sports like football, wrestling, or hockey, because it helps align the vertebrae properly even in the face of repeated stress. Even for runners and other non-contact athletes, sports medicine is beneficial, because it helps improve the overall condition of an athlete, giving special attention to spine, joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves, helping all the parts of the musculoskeletal system work together.

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Physical Medicine of the Carolinas is the right place for you if you’re seeking chiropractic adjustment in Kernersville North Carolina. Sports medicine is a particular specialty, but the clinic offers many non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies, in Kernersville, NC, 27284.

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