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Spinal Decompression

Physical Medicine of the Carolinas provides non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies in Kernersville North Carolina. In our arsenal of non-invasive, natural treatments is spinal decompression, a practice that is known to be effective in the management of chronic back pain.

In Kernersville, NC, spinal decompression therapy is competently provided by the medical professionals at PMC. Spinal decompression, also called disc decompression, is non-invasive and drug free, using a specialized table on which a patient lies, as gently motorized traction is used to stretch and realign the spine. The table allows for isolation of the damaged area of the spine, making it possible to precisely administer treatment that provides relief for disc herniation or bulging discs and allows delivery of increased movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids to the disc, which promotes healing and relieves painful symptoms. In Kernersville, disc decompression is available at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas.

At Physical Medicine of the Carolinas, our commitment to helping patients achieve optimal wellness begins with a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment, to determine the source of medical concerns. Once the root cause of the problem is pinpointed, Physical Medicine of the Carolinas can create a treatment plan that is customized for each patient, to address the patient’s unique medical issues. For spinal decompression therapy in Kernersville North Carolina, you’ll find no more caring and competent staff than the one at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas.

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