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For scoliosis treatment, Kernersville North Carolina has an excellent option in Physical Medicine of the Carolinas. A condition that affects spinal alignment, scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally, appearing as an “S” shape when viewed from the back, rather than the normal straight line. This condition affects approximately 2%-3% of American teenagers, and is typically found during a school screening. Scoliosis, with its abnormal spinal alignment, creates muscle strain and off-center vertebrae, which can affect surrounding nerves, cause pain, and limit the patient’s range of movement.

Scoliosis treatment usually involves a brace, and surgery is only rarely recommended. Scoliosis can have a variety of causes, including bone abnormality at birth (congenital scoliosis), muscle or nerve abnormality (neuromuscular scoliosis), and injury, trauma, illness, or surgery (degenerative scoliosis). There is no identifiable cause for about 80% of all scoliosis cases, and this leads to a diagnosis of idiopathic scoliosis.

In Kernersville, scoliosis specialists at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas take a non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies to wellness. Through non-invasive therapies like rehabilitation therapy, rather than medicinal or surgical options, the scoliosis doctors at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas offer scoliosis treatment that emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment, to improve a patient’s pain and mobility through natural, rehabilitative therapies. If you’re seeking treatment for scoliosis in Kernersville North Carolina, call PMC to see how we can help.

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