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For those in need of non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies care in Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point North Carolina, Physical Medicine of the Carolinas provides a variety of other non-invasive pain relief treatments, non-invasive therapies, working together to alleviate pain and promote wellness. Kernersville patients receive non-invasive treatments, including: rehabilitation therapy, trigger point therapy, nutritional counseling, and migraine treatment.  Kernersville based Physical Medicine of the Carolinas provides a variety of medical solutions, and even offers residents of Kernersville chronic pain management.

In order to create a safe and effective treatment plan that addresses the root of the problem instead of simply treating symptoms, we provide each patient with a thorough examination and accurate diagnostic assessment. Before the first visit, we advise new patients in Kernersville, North Carolina to visit the website and print out the appropriate forms, in order to fill them out ahead of time, and expedite the initial appointment.

For Physical Medicine of the Carolinas’ new patients in Kernersville, insurance coverage is something on which we work together with you, because we want to make sure your treatment is covered. PMC works with a number of insurance providers, and strives to make the process as easy as possible for our patients. For those without insurance, we’ll still help you reach your wellness goals. We offer reasonable financial arrangements, and your initial consultation is free, so come and talk with us, to see how we can help you get the treatment you need.

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Physical Medicine of the Carolinas offers the best of physical medicine and medical pain relief that Kernersville residents can trust, along with other therapies, including neuropathy treatment and physical rehabilitation in Kernersville, NC, 27284.

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