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Food Sensitivity Testing

If you’re seeking food allergy testing in Kernersville, North Carolina, it’s important to look for a clinic that looks not only at food allergies, but also at food intolerance. In Kernersville, North Carolina, Physical Medicine of the Carolinas is a clinic that understands the importance of this distinction. In the interest of helping our patients achieve their wellness objectives, we work to find the root cause of medical issues, including digestive distress, joint pain, and migraine headaches in Kernersville. Food sensitivities, as our doctors fully understand, are a much larger issue for many people than food allergies.

The symptoms of food allergies can be dramatic, severe or even life threatening, which makes determining food allergy very important to a patient’s health and well-being. However, while only about 4% of the population suffers from food allergies, food sensitivity or food intolerance affects a percentage closer to 70%. In addition, food allergy symptoms are usually straightforward, like tingling of the tongue and constricted airways, but food sensitivities manifest in ways that often go undiscovered. Conditions like digestive disorders, migraine headaches, obesity and the inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD, joint pain, eczema, arthritis, and even autism can be the result of food sensitivity. The problem is that this sensitivity or intolerance is often not discovered by allergy testing.

At Physical Medicine of the Carolinas, we offer allergy testing in Kernersville, North Carolina. For more than twenty years, this test has been effective in determining chemical and food intolerances, helping patients to define and conquer a wide variety of ailments associated with these sensitivities. Our allergy testing can be detect many sensitivities to chemicals and food, including gluten intolerance.  If your symptoms lead you to the conclusion that you might benefit from food allergy testing or food sensitivity testing, Physical Medicine of the Carolinas can help.

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