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Medical Weight Loss

For those seeking a weight loss program in North Carolina, medical weight loss is available at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas in Kernersville. Losing weight can be difficult, but at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas medical weight loss solutions are designed to help patients to lead healthier lives by achieving their weight loss goals. Physical Medicine of the Carolinas provides a weight loss program that incorporates non-invasive medical treatment, including supplementation, nutritional counseling, and a plan for getting the metabolism back on track Physical Medicine of the Carolinas addresses many issues that can hamper weight loss, including hormone imbalance, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, a sluggish metabolism, and various other issues. This approach is part of Physical Medicine of the Carolinas’ philosophy of using an integrated approach to healthcare, to help patients achieve their wellness objectives.

Physical Medicine of the Carolinas uses a multi-pronged approach to medical weight loss, using supplementation and nutritional counseling in Kernersville. In addition, our staff works with patients to teach the lifestyle changes needed to maintain the new weight and continue with weight loss, nutrition, and an effective exercise routine. If you’re looking for weight loss, Physical Medicine of the Carolinas can help you meet your desired weight and achieve your wellness goals.

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Physical Medicine of the Carolinas offers the best of physical medicine and medical weight loss that Kernersville residents can trust, along with other therapies, including neuropathy treatment and physical rehabilitation. We also offer non-prescription drug medical pain relief. We believe in effective weight loss treatment without drugs in Kernersville, NC, 27284.

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